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Medical problems

img1 On this territory wars have been fought all the time. There is no generation in Serbia, which can boast of have not been in any war. That is the reason of seeing consequences of wars on every step. Buildings which were demolished in the war 7 years ago, are next to the buildings which have visible consequences of the Second World War. Around them are monuments to perished people from the First World War, and they had been built on fundations of monuments to warriors from the previous wars. Generations of Serbs have been grown with stories about warriors who sacrificed their lives on Kosovo, defending their motherland. Serbs has been thought, that on this land there has been always fights for freedom, and that freedom and land was gotten and defended in blood. Nobody has ever explained what happened after wars, why there are so many women in black in Serbian parts where war had took place, lot of people with crutch, lot of drunk and unhappy people. Nobody has ever considered consequences, everyone asked only for reasons. War criminals were prosecuted and winners were awarded. War veterans were left on social and life margins, alone with their problems.

img2Because of all this above, war veterans have been left with many problems like social (residential, financial, unemployment, marital and family) and medical (health (somatic) - invalidity, and psychical (PTPD, alcoholism, depression, psychosomatic disorders)) after war.

Long-term reactions of veterans to war experience
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