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About Organization

Radomir Stojanović
Radomir Stojanović, President of the Main Council of organization War Veterans of Serbia
Branko Avramović
Branko Avramović, President of the Executive Council of organization War Veterans of Serbia
It is assumed that about 250.000 warriors from territory of Serbia took part in ex Yugoslavian wars (regular army, territorial defense, voluntary forces). According to data we have it has been noted 1460 perished warriors, 1300 children of perished, 2440 invalids of war from the latest war. Statistics still has not been completed because there are still unregistered situations and about 950 people who are noted as missed in the war (it has not been founded any evidence of their death).

From all reasons above, and mostly because of tough situation of warriors and invalids of war, whose number increases, organization War Veterans of Serbia was founded as organization of participants in battles against secession and genocide over Serbian people starting 1990.

Organization War Veterans of Serbia is independent and unpolitical patriotic organization, with social and human character. It is pleading for fair and systematical arrangement of material and social security of 1990 war participants and particularly for families of perished warriors and invalids of war.

In our work, we are specially dedicated on developing, modernizing and carrying on traditions of liberating wars of Serbia.

Our primary goal is to focus on primary reasons of organizing veterans, which are the following:

  • considering problems and giving professional help in achieving rights that belong to: invalids of war and their families, families of perished warriors, war veterans and war participants. These include various ways of re socialization in order to include them in normal life as soon as possible.
  • carrying and developing patriotism inside younger population
  • proposing laws in protection of war veterans and invalids of war, and lobbying political influence for their adoption
  • ensuring different kinds of help by unconstitutional acting in order to improve condition of the most jeopardized members
  • ensuring conditions for objective informing both members of the organization and community
  • and all other ways of improvement of entire situation either of families of perished warriors, invalids of war with their families or veterans.
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