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Become our member

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It is easy to become our member. Our member can be any adult resident of Republic of Serbia, whose status of invalid of war was confirmed by Law about primary rights of invalids of war and families of the perished warriors (published in Sluzbeni list SFRJ, br. 68, 81 and 75/85), and veterans whose status is confirmed by Law about veterans.

Documents you need to apply for membership in our organization are:

  • Identity card
  • Two photographs
  • Credential about war participation

Send these documents to our address: Rade Končara street, No. 62, 11070 Beograd, Zemun.

Honorable and helping members can be any resident who accepts status and primary program orientation of organization War Veterans of Serbia. (in future text WVS).

In order for organization to realize all it's goals, every member has to fulfill it's rights and duties which includes:

  • Possibility of using help of WVS in order to realize rights given by the law.
  • Active involving in realizing program goals of WVS.
  • Electing and being elected in all bodies and executive functions of WVS.
  • Giving help to members of WVS, according to on his/her possibilities.
  • Acting according to WVS interests, without involving of political parties.

If member in his/her work decides that he does not want to be a member of organization any more, breaks existing roles or acts against interests of WVS, then his/her membership in WVS stops by voluntary retiring or by exclusion.

Decision about exclusion of member is decided by discipline commission of WVS, according to Regulation of discipline procedure, which regulates reasons and procedure of exclusion.

Excluded member has right to complain to Statute commission. If he is unsatisfied with it's decision, he can complain to Parliament of WVS which decision is final.

If membership is stopped by voluntary retiring from WVS organization, it has to be confirmed in written document at first sitting of Executive board of WVS.


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