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Family problems

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Special segment of our consideration are problems, which are related to either families of our perished friends, families of invalids of war, or families of veterans. Specially we have been caring about needs firstly of families of the perished and invalids of war, ensuring to them, inside our possibilities, living area, employment, legal help with obtaining legal compensation for loss which they were exposed, and one-term help in order to improve life conditions and education of their children. We have to emphasize extreme understanding of some local autonomies and individuals on responsible positions, so we have 100% solved problems in some areas, for two mentioned populations. Besides that, extraordinary cooperation in solving this problem we have with Serbian Orthodox Church. Bishop of Nis, Irinej delivered 200$ help from American emigrants to children of the perished warriors in Leskovac.


Bishop of Nis, Irinej is delivering help from Serbs from USA and Canada to families of the perished warriors

Naturally that after all problems we mentioned, the most jeopardized is family, as the base of every state and society. That felt everyone who had any connections with war veterans and their families. When bad material situation is caused by unemployment and residential problems, lots of compromises are need in order to survive in community. Large number of divorced, cases of violence in family or simply neglecting obligations, are expressed exactly in population of war veterans. Because of all this, members of organization War Veterans of Serbia, pay special attention to this problem, emphasizing it now too, because they consider that stable and strong family, with developed family relations are base of every society and base of state. Making conditions for family strengthening, followed by solving of problems, war veterans will try to help to both families and whole society. To reach that goal, numerous counselors for war veterans are going be founded all over Serbia, where with the help of professionals it will be possible to take over present problems, trying to locate in beginning the possible destruction of family and to stop it.

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